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Memories outlast all other gifts. And they don't gather dust and fit in your luggage easily. Exploring Slovenia together with local tourist guides is a nice and interesting experience for anyone staying here. Get to know the country you live in, meet the locals and explore stories and history. There is plenty more to discover and local guides are here to show you things that are not so obvious..

Don't know where to start?

Click and choose the best experience for your best friend, interested in architecture. Find a tour for a fan of art history. Maybe you will have parents or other family members visiting you in Slovenia. It will be interesting for them to get to know the country you live in. It has lots of stories to tell.

Your children can have a hands-on learning experience. Why have them stare at books or on screens, when they can learn history and geography exactly where important events took place?

Hopefully you didn't forget about gifting yourself? You can always explore Slovenia together with your family and friends. Or make the tour a part of your me-time. You are worth it.

Which places do you intend to visit as soon as travelling is possible again?

The times we live in are unpredictable and current epidemic measures are shaping the lives of us all. ARGOS local guides are mostly self-employed in tourism industry, which recently changed in an unprecedented way. Our usual work disappeared, but we don't let that stop us from doing what we love and excel at. We respect all health guidelines and find innovative ways of sharing the stories of our country. You certainly agree that Slovenia is a lovely place to 'be stuck in' while the borders are closed. We have prepared a variety of interesting tours that help you understand the Slovenian way of life and thinking. If you encountered any unexplained questions about the locals, we are here to resolve them.

"What a great idea I got!

This year, there will be no dust-gathering gifts from me.

I will give gift cards for unforgettable memories!"

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Finding a home away from home?

Life path brought you to Slovenia. You are probably charmed by the greenery, picturesque nature and a laid-back way of life we live here. There are probably also some confusing local habits you came across. And we can assure you, that there are plenty of things you haven't heard yet. Use the opportunity of tours in English, guided by locals. It is a great way to get to know Slovenian country and the people. We would like to make you feel welcome in our country and give you the feeling, that you can also feel at home here. We will answer any questions you might have about Slovenia, Slovenians and our (sometimes) quirky habits. Visit our tours across the country and experience its exceptional diversity.

We're here for you!

Association of Regional Tourist Guides of Slovenia ARGOS is an association of local tourist guides presenting the places we live in or are very connected with. We know the locations like the back of our hand and live our everyday life there. Besides, we are all qualified guides and have vast knowledge of elements, required for successful guiding, such as geography, history, psychology, history of art, and human skills.

Irina Cerar

Janez Virant

Marija Žvan

Mateja Kregar Gliha

Mihaela Rupnik Cek

Mitja Gruden

Mojca Šoštarko

Mojca Taler

Neža Vovk

Nina Buh

Nina Knez

Nina Regina

Tjaša Janovljak

Tomaž Zavrl

Will you choose building blocks or a comfortable house?

Slovenia has information displays practicaly everywhere, why hiring a local guide instead of just reading them? Just like the constructors use building blocks to build a house, local guides can use local attractions to tell a story, that comes alive and stays anchored in your memory. You are aware of the difference between the building blocks and a comfortable house. You can witness the place coming to life, when it is presented well. Guiding is our profession, this is what we do for a living. Each hour of guiding is based on years of research and filtering the information, so we can deliver you a story that presents a place in a vivid and interesting manner. Our profession and goal is to preserve and to present the natural and historical richness of Slovenia. And we accomplish those goals with irreplaceable personal touch.

The gift of unforgettable memories.

Giving the gift card for guided tours in Slovenia is a guarantee for a great experience. Tours of ARGOS tourist guides are a unique way to discover Slovenia. Book a place on a scheduled guided tour or organise a private tour for your friends and family. Pick a location and theme and explore Slovenia with local guides. It will be an unforgettable memory and a dust-free gift!

The greatest gift?

Is this the rigt gift? Modern world is mainly based on material things. But the biggest treasures are found inside a person. Taking some time for inner growth has greater long-term impact than hoarding things that slowly start to burden us. People grow when they are aware of the world surrounding them and when they understand it. Knowing your surroundings is a major step on the way towards understanding. And this is exactly what this present enables you to do. We rarely seize the opportunity for some self-growth. Now might be the right time for that. And growing in the company of your dear ones would make it even more precious. Buying a gift card for guided tour would also help small local businesses to face this challenging period.

How to get a gift card?

It is easy. Take a look at our list of guided tours, pick the one that suits you and by clicking it, you will see a detailed description and a link leading you to the guide, providing the tour. Clicking on it will either open the guide's webpage, providing the necessary information for booking or open an email form to contact the guide.

Gift card is valid until December 31, 2021, so there is plenty of time to choose a right date of tour.


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